Testimonials from special events.

“…one of the most positive forces in my life…”

Mark V. 

My first practice with Dmitrij was fun and exhilarating. I had never practiced the art before and Dmitrij immediately demystified and destigmatized it. Gone are the days of this practice being associated only with elderly people. Though it’s an amazing way for those with mobility issues and other impairments and imbalances due to aging, this practice is for all ages and is meant to facilitate health on a deep level. Dmitrij’s fun, light, and approachable personality has helped solidify TaiChi as a practice for all ages and has made it a staple in my health regimen. He brings a deep knowledge of the art and practice with authenticity and joy. It’s obvious after one session with him that his true goal and purpose in life is service to others

I love the cadence of his 12-step program as it starts with the basics. Many people want to learn TaiChi for the beautiful fluid movements that are a notable part of the practice. However, without having a deeper understanding on breathing, stance, releasing stress and negative patterns, Qi/energy flow, and more, those movements are purely superficial. Dmitrij’s unique program breaks down all of those aspects in easy to understand steps to unlock the greatest potential of the ancient art known as TaiChi.

I highly recommend the practices of TaiChi and Qi Gong to every person on this planet, but if you are going to learn it, please learn it from Dmitrij!! To me personally, he has become a teacher and a great friend and one of the most positive forces in my life that I will cherish and value for many, many years to come!

Mark V. – Asheville, NC

“Within the first couple weeks of Tai Chi classes, I noticed my energy was more sustained and consistent throughout the day.” 

Marilyn H.

I have always wanted to learn Tai Chi, and I was thrilled when I learned about Dmitri’s classes.

I have been practicing Tai Chi with Dmitri for 18 months and I have realized so many improvements to my health.

My primary chronic conditions are thyroid disease, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and neuropathy in my feet. Otherwise, I am reasonably healthy at 74 years old. My energy was so low after the two-year pandemic. Within the first couple weeks of Tai Chi classes, I noticed my energy was more sustained and consistent throughout the day. I was more aware that my posture was improving.

Dmitri’s knowledge of Tai Chi techniques and more importantly of the body’s systems including circulation, lymph, nerves, and joint alignment allows students like me to fully benefit from the practices. His instruction in the movement of the Tai Chi form is not just about moving your arms, legs, or torso.

Dmitri imparts his knowledge, and wisdom of how each of the body’s systems are connected and how they work together to keep us healthy. His guidance on the relevance of each practice, and each movement to our bodies, our minds, and our energy is the basis of real improvements in my health. 

My whole health has benefitted through increased energy, reduced and/or eliminated pain, and a profound sense of well-being.

Oh yes, the painful symptoms from the neuropathy in my feet have reduced way more than half of what it was.

Marilyn H.

Asheville, NC

“…the learning can be endlessly deep. Simplicity becomes a symphony.”

Glenn O.
Retired Executive.

Specific results and improvements: I have now been working with Dmitri for 2.5 years, 3 times a week. I have not followed any pursuit as I have followed Tai Chi: 3 times a week for 2.5 years. One only does that with things that bring beneficial results. I feel energized after my sessions. And I learn how to stay energized. My range of motion has improved dramatically, as strength in core and lateral muscles have been awakened. YTC has awakened a lot of things in me. Self awareness has soared, and ability to find and thrive in my “center” has been a blessing.

Most unique aspects: the learning can be endlessly deep. Simplicity becomes a symphony. But the most unique thing is our teacher. He has boundless knowledge and enthusiasm. Just as important he listens and learns always. He is our guide and aide and teacher. He is unique.

Positive impact and goal achievement: mind and body are stronger. The program helps me find goals. Positivity is the impact. We all become deeper as we become stronger. Stillness and purpose become avenues to success. Tai chi for me has been a blessing. It was passed to me by a friend and I have passed it along to others.

Good luck Dmitri. Keep up your good work.

Glenn O. – Connecticut.

“…accessible to all, it results in improved health and vitality…”

Mary Loftus,
Swimming coach.

I highly recommend Dmitrij and his tai chi program!

Dmitrij is an incredibly intuitive teacher.

Whether in-person or virtual, he always knows exactly where I need to adjust my form.

Tai chi is the most unique type of physical activity: accessible to all, it results in improved health and vitality.

It is also a wonderful advantage for anyone living with or healing from physical injury.

Mary Loftus -Las Vegas, Nevada

“I have experienced a more profound alignment…”

Starr Porter,
Massage therapist.

Since starting classes with Dmitrij I have experienced a more profound alignment in the joints of my body especially my hips and shoulders.

I have been more aware of my gait and its impact on my posture.

I love the work we do with the staffs.

Dmitrij is a wonderful teacher who has put in the work to truly learn this lineage of healing to share it with his students.

I am a body worker by profession, specializing in Therapeutic, Deep tissue and Thai massage. The things that I discover and understand in my own body help me to bring that healing and awareness to my clients. 

I am deeply grateful 🙏🏼

Starr Porter – Asheville, NC

“…my life has changed in great way.”

Massage therapist.

Since I met Dimtrij years ago, my life has changed in great way.

Tai chi has helped me to appreciate the world around me and to value nature.

Tai chi inspired me to pursue a career in wellness and has really grounded me so I can better help people feel better.

I would highly recommend anyone to explore Ya Fitness Guru!!!

Mahamadou, – Chicago, IL