our past special events:

International Tai Chi Day 2024 at Hawthorn at Southside, Asheville, NC.

Join us for this worldwide celebration, a community event aiming to unite us all in One Nation, One World, One Home. Let’s celebrate the greatness of humanity and our precious planet. Join thousands to unite in one breath, one move, one heart. May the life force be with you.

This event is proudly promoted by Hawthorne at Southside and the YaTaiChi team. Starting at 12:30, engage in YaTaiChi practice, followed by snacks and food at 1:30. We’ll also celebrate my birthday and the 12-year anniversary of teaching TaiChi. Gather your family, friends, and neighbors to be the change in the life of the planet. See you there

What People Said:

Hawthorne at Southside.

I think people at my work would like an event like this!

-Scott O.

I’m very interested in this practice.

-Larry B.

It is a great timepass for the whole family: I had my wife, my child and 2 cousins with me,- and we all loved it!

-Tommy B.

We cannot wait to have this gem become a part of our community!

-admin of Hawthorne at Southside.

I just wanted to truly thank you for the divine experience today, as well as the wonderful food. Many, many thanks 🏹🤍. Today was one of the best days I’ve had since I’ve moved back to North Carolina, so I really do appreciate you all taking your time. 

Much love, -Malina, S.