Ya-Taichi/ 12 StepsTM program.

TaiChi is not only a Martial Art, but also, with its variety of techniques and training applications, a unique healing practice. The holistic approach of TaiChi training helps the practitioner to maintain health and strength; provide faster recovery from injury and illness; and improve the ability to handle physical, mental and emotional stress.

Ya-Taichi/ 12 StepsTM program is not just a new spin on the old practice, it is a life-changing program that uses modern accelerated learning techniques to start the change from day one.

These include:

  • Elevating book for learning for deeper understanding of the processes involved
  • Daily tips to root healthy habits
  • Life-affirming practices
  • Full description of the exercises to be able to do it on your own and take your practice everywhere you go
  • Practice charts and even a game to make it fun.