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For Professional Growth

Ya-Taichi/12 StepsTM can boost any career.

This program teaches you, first and foremost, to create new patterns of physical movements that are more efficient. By doing so, it enables you to accomplish the same work with less effort, preventing excessive fatigue and conserving your energy.

Next, the program progresses to train your mind to stay focused and elevated, even during long periods of work.

Thirdly, it enables you to cultivate a lifestyle of high-efficiency energy.

Moreover, we’ve broken it down into bite-sized portions, making it easily accessible and applicable to your everyday activities.

Find out what it can do for you today!

Ya-Taichi/12 StepsTM is the ultimate stress-relief course.

This program can combat all types of stress: physical, mental and emotional. Here is why:

  1. It supplies essential knowledge about your body and re-trains movement patterns to the gentlest and most energy-efficient. Whether you are on your feet all day or need to do physically challenging activities or sit at the desk all day, your movements or lack of them create structural stress and challenge your kinesthetic system or causing stagnation of fluids in your body and challenge all other systems. You learn effective patterns to reduce wear and tear to the minimum, learn simple exercises to drop the tension and restore full circulation of blood and lymph through your body 
  2. Ya-Taichi/12 StepsTMgives you techniques to uplift yourself whenever you need it and therefore dwell in positive emotional field. 
  3. Ya-Taichi/12 StepsTM  trains focus in motion. That means ability to concentrate on the main thing despite all the destructions. 
  4. Sensitivity to life-force promotes compassion and understanding, allows actions in a peaceful environment
  5. Ya-Taichi/12 StepsTM  breaks all training in smallest bits so it is easy to apply them whenever you need them wherever you are. And by actively training your mind you remember to apply it on daily basis, integrating knowledge and new habits for constant improvement in every aspect of your life. 

Whatever your calling or goals are YA-TaiChi/ 12 steps will enhance your LIFE and turn your struggles into smooth sailing around the obstacles. With the wisdom of TaiChi which teaches you not to fight the opponent but to use the opponent’s energy to your advantage, you can achieve much more without losing the site of what is most important in your life: balance and harmonious relationships.

YA-TaiChi 12 stepsTM for nurses

De-stress and find peace in any situation

YA-TaiChi 12 stepsTM for massage therapist

Create a perfect moment

YA-TaiChi 12 stepsTM for tennis professionals

The art of tennis

YA-TaiChi/12 stepsTM for golf professionals

Testimonials from golf players.

Testimonials from pro athletes.

YA-TaiChi/12 stepsTM for in-home care professionals

YA-TaiChi 12 stepsTM for teachers

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