“[It] has not only made me a better athlete but has also made me a better man!”

Nikita Katzman.
Cross Fit trainer.

1. I have experienced major postural improvements as well as fixed muscle imbalances, I play a sport that forces me to exert major muscle groups for a long time, sometimes resulting in overuse and tightness, tai chi has allowed me to relax some of those muscles while strengthening littler muscles that act as supports, resulting in improved recovery and health!

2. Grounding and balance are major aspects that were missing in my life, I find tai chi brings me down to earth in the present moment, no other gift is better than that! The aggressive nature of training/nature can sometimes bring out anxiety and stress as a side effect. Tai chi helps me get back to a harmony like state, in turn decreases stress and helps me recover!

3. I used to believe life was all about an aggressive pursuit and that the only way to succeed was to sacrifice the now for the future. Naturally, this can lead one to the bad path, missing out on key elements passing our lives now, tai chi has allowed me to mentally and physically get back to the present and more importantly enjoy it without worrying about the stresses of tomorrow, stress live in our muscles and went there tight, the effects are amplified. Relaxing, elongating and effectively stretching these joints, muscles, and tendons through different techniques and breathing exercises has not only made me a better athlete but has also made me a better man!

Ever since starting my practice of TaiChi and Qi Gong with Dmitrij, I have had profoundly positive effects on my life and dare I say, it has changed the trajectory of my life overall for the better. I started my martial arts journey prior to starting TaiChi, but with the intensity of that training, I knew I needed something to balance that out. So balance would be the first key takeaway for me. I don’t mean balance in terms of standing on one leg, although TaiChi has certainly helped with that, but balance and harmony in my overall life, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

A greater sense of peace, calm, and relaxation has infiltrated my being after starting the practice of TaiChi and has helped me battle anxiety. Just learning proper breathwork has been a huge part of my healing journey in regards to reducing stress and anxiety. All of the bodily realignments that have taken place have led to greater functionality of my systems, most notably my circulation.

Nikita Katzman,- Glenco, IL