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Dmitrij practicing with a sword on an autumn day

Dmitrij Goloscapovs

Founder and practitioner of Ya-Fitness method, NASM CPT, NESTA MMA Conditioning Coach, Group Exercise Instructor Certification IFA, Yoga / Tai Chi Instructor and Healer School graduate DAHN YOGA, Shaolin Chan Fa KUNG FU, HEMA ( Staff, Sword, Longsword).

His training style is rooted in the depth of the martial arts traditions, healing arts  and is enhanced and expanded through the latest scientific research. He works effectively with private customers, teaching classes and seminars using the practical wisdom of both Eastern and Western philosophies. He designs unique programs from a mixture of KungFu, Qigong, TaiChi, Yoga, Healing Arts , Russian Kettlebell weight training and traditional western exercises.

He firmly believes that training the body is a joy and having a strong and flexible body brings happiness and a feeling of well being into daily life!

Health, Energy, Vitality, Movement.

Holistic Life Experience.

Areas of Specialty

TaiChi, KungFu, QiGong

When you understand the root, you understand its blossoming. 1500 years of systematic research and practice of physical culture of the East  combining practical approach of martial arts, healing arts and  modern scientific evidence. It is a style that is natural: natural to the order of things, natural to the principles of life, and natural to man himself. Learning is an everyday practice and adaptation to the environment is a discipline to improve awareness and find your unique energy expression through consciousness, movement and beyond. 


Kettlebell training combines the benefits of cardio and strength training. Exercises with kettlebells improves overall strength-especially core strength as well as aerobic ability and balance. 

TaiChi Weapons





Pilates training method combines principles of core strengthening, breathing, muscle toning and mind body awareness.Pilates emphasizes restoring health of mind and body and rejuvenation of all body tissues.

Functional movement training

Indian clubs


Kendo Shinai 

Historical European Martial Arts

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