YA-TaiChi/12 stepsTM for massage therapists.

Aside from being skillful at massage and knowing all technicalities, there are these essential underlying factors that make one successful as a massage therapist and bring you clients and top pay: 

  1. Physical stamina: one should be able to handle standing for long periods of time as well as the rigorous physical effort massage requires.
  2. Excellent manual dexterity: one should be able to perform the complicated maneuvers required easily.
  3. Relaxation: the therapist must create a relaxing atmosphere.
  4. Focused mind: the therapist must concentrate solely on the client and be able to tune out all other distractions during a massage.
  5. A strong sense of empathy is vital. Feeling the needs of the client is necessary to be a great massage therapist. Intuition could be developed.

All of these qualities could be significantly improved by the Ya-Taichi/12 StepsTM program. Here’s why: 

Physical strength and stamina will be improved because of a complex approach to any movement: 

  • ⁃  it adjusts physical movements to be easy on the muscles and joints, to get new patterns that are safe and have less wear and tear
  • ⁃  It creates balanced movements which are not only safer but also energy efficient so there is less fatigue of the tissues and the person as a whole
  • ⁃  This type of movement also keeps one more grounded and every massage therapist knows how important it is.

Grounding is also a most important factor in creating a relaxing atmosphere for the client. It fosters the feelings of safety, “being in the good hands that will take care of everything “

Breathing is the second most important factor. Ya-Taichi/12 StepsTM teaches one how to breathe steadily through all the motions. But not many people know that this type of breathing also has an internal benefit for the practitioner: it keeps a higher level of oxygen in the blood which accumulates energy, protects cells, and heightens the immune system 

To create a relaxing environment for others one must learn to be relaxed and to be able to relax in circumstances that might not be conducive for relaxation. 

Ya-Taichi/12 StepsTM also trains the mind: it helps to focus and maintain a positive attitude and prolonged patience. 

The understanding of life force energy allows practitioners to be more connected to their clients during massage therefore knowing better their needs and addressing them to create that perfect feeling “It was just what I needed! You are a miracle worker!!!” Which in turn makes all the difference in filling your schedule and getting the highest pay. 

Start learning now! 

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