Ya-TaiChi 12 Steps

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12 weeks course.

Body. Mind. Energy.

Part One: Physical Body Alignment

The focus is on releasing tension and reintegrating body systems to a healthy, vibrant and pain-free movement

1. Breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing increases oxygen absorption by breathing deeply, evenly, rhythmically, smoothly, relaxed and continuously and using the full capacity of the lungs which increases from half a liter in an average untrained individual up to 4.5 liter in TaiChi practitioner.

2. Feet Alignment

Next step is to take control of feet positioning.
Each foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles, 10 tendons, 107 ligaments. The entire structure of the feet is highly wired with nerve tissues which runs though the entire body, connecting these body parts to all systems of the body.

3. Spinal Alignment

Relearning how to move and perform certain movements during TaiChi practice reduces the risk of injury and pain recurrence.

4. Shoulder Alignment

“When your shoulders are stiff your brain is stifled.”

Tai Chi Master

With enhanced stability of the spinal column, focus is on shoulder alignment.

Part Two: Mind Training

Martial artists know: “mind is a tool – train it or it will work against you.
TaiChi is a Martial Art. To effectively continue improvements, mental aspects of training are used on this level. The mind helps shape what we call body, and the body influences what we call mind.

5. Positive self-talk

Positive self-talk is excellent way to manage our response to stress.

6. Releasing Emotions

Memory of negative emotions becomes a damaging factor in ability for body and mind to heal and balance itself.

7. Balancing Brain

To restore the balance and involve the entire brain, we are engaging in new patterns of exercise.

All our movements are connected to specific parts of our brain, for our brain controls every single movement that we consciously make.

8. Peaceful Warrior

Being present means focusing on one thing at a time as a whole.

This training develops the skill of noticing when you drift away from observing and sensing mode, into thinking mode.

Part Three: Energy

TaiChi is all about flow of Qi or Life Force

hands in a heart shape over the sun in the background

9. Qi Awareness

The foundation of this exercise is relaxation and tranquility.

10. basic TaiChi Moves

String all parts of your body in one motion, one breath, one energy”

Tai Chi Wisdom.

At this level you connect breathing with motion and develop necessary muscle memory and strength to learn the TaiChi form.

11. Basic TaiChi Form

By putting movements in sequence of TaiChi form, we are keeping mind and body relaxed. The movements of TaiChi form are circular, therefore endless… no beginning, no end.. , the tension is soften and it feels as if body flowing through water, feeling the flow and continuity of the movements.

12. Microcosmic Orbit

The Microcosmic Orbit is an energy cultivation technique. It involves deep breathing exercises, with meditation and concentration techniques which develop the flow of energy via orbit of major energy pathways of the body. It is one of the ancient trainings to help cultivate health and longevity.

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